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  • Calidad 60 Roofing Slate

    An ideal slate for the Scottish market – Calidad 60 slates are available in 7-9 and 9-11mm thicknesses and is perfect for roofing and cladding. With a textured surface it gives a great rustic appearance which is suitable for authentic styling as well as modern architectural projects.

    Quarried in the Casayo region of Northern Spain, the Calidad 60 slate complies with all relevant British standards, so you can be sure that you are a getting quality, hard wearing slate.


    Data Sheet

    Water absorption W1
    Non carbonate carbon content In accordance <1%
    Mechanical resistance characteristics (MoR) Transversal 39N/mm2
    Longitudinal 41N/mm2
    Calcium carbonate content Complies <1%
    Dimensional tolerances Complies
    Thermal cycle T1
    Exposure SO2 S1
    External fire performance Deemed to satisfy A1
    Reaction to fire Deemed to satisfy A1
    Release of dangerous substances None
    Use as roofing or external cladding Yes


    Calidad 60 Data Sheet

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