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  • Slate has enjoyed a long and celebrated history; the slate industry in the UK can be traced back as far as Roman times. There, ancient developers used slate to roof a fort at a settlement called Segontium, now known as Caernarfon. Slate’s illustrious history has continued ever since, and the development of robust rail infrastructure made it easier than ever to transport the material, bringing slate to whole new markets.

    Slate is most well-known to us now as a roofing material, but it can actually be used in a variety of roles, and has been for many years. Thicker slabs of slate than would traditionally be used for roofing find a place as floor slabs, worktops and even headstones. The modern trend among restaurants of using slate as a serving plate is the latest in a long line of alternative uses for this versatile, aesthetically-pleasing material.

    Wherever slate has been found, it has come to dominate the local economy. The quarries where the various types of slate are mined have come to be synonymous with the slate itself – Cumbrian slate from Burlington, Welsh slate from Bethesda, Spanish slate from La Bana. As further deposits of slate are found no doubt more names will be added to this instantly recognisable list.

    In more recent times, slate has faced tough competition from other roofing materials, including synthetic materials that bring their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. Slate never truly goes away however. The combination of proven efficacy and aesthetics has always been a winner, and slate has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity, both in the UK and abroad. Although demand remains high, slate production in the UK has slowed from its’ previous peaks, and nowadays a significant amount of slate comes the prestigious Spanish quarries.

    We’re proud to be a part of the great history of slate, whether it’s supplying UK distributors with the finest Spanish slate or providing technical support to architects and installers. For more information about our services and the range of slate we supply, just get in touch today.

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