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  • JRC Slate don’t just sell slates – we are experts in our field. So, we enjoy being able to go above and beyond our customers expectations, and provide you with all the technical data you will need, including drawings, specifications, requirements and information.

    We are here to help a wide range of people, from Distributors, Architects and Installers. To make it easier for you to find the information you want, we have placed it all into specific categories aimed at these main varieties of clients, saving you time crawling through information that is irrelevant to you. Whether you need information on benefits, terminology, or technical data sheets and CAD drawings, you can find the right content specific to you below.

    We also understand that home owners may want to know some more information so that they know what kind of thing to discuss with an installer or architect, so we provide plenty of information so anyone can have a better understanding of what it is they need.

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