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  • Brazilian Slate

    Brazilian roofing slates are available in a graphite or green colour and are an attractive looking roof slate that will compliment any roof, achieving a stunning finish, giving a traditional look to the property.

    The Brazilian roof slate has a naturally smooth, slightly textured surface with slight shade variations.
    Roofing slates from Brazil have no visible pyrites and they achieve a very aesthetically pleasing look to any roof.

    Due to the composition of the Brazilian roofing slate, JRC Slate always recommend the hook fixing method with this roofing slate together with the use of an angle grinder when cutting to avoid wastage.

    All slates should be sorted and graded into 3 separate thicknesses. Roofing slates are natural products and will be subject to a slight variation in thickness. Furthermore, slates should be fixed in accordance with the code of practice of good slating and tiling BS5534 part 1(1997) and workmanship on building sites for roof and cladding BS8000 part6(1990).

    If nail fixing:
    Due to the nature of this product i.e. dense slate, the head of the nail should not be flush with the hole of the slate. You should leave a 1mm gap in between the nail and the slate. Should the nails be fixed tightly to the slate there will be excessive wastage.

    Our Brazilian slate roofing tiles are sourced from quarries in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

    Our Brazilian roofing slates are available in 5-7mm and 7-9mm thickness. Sizes available in 60×30, 50×30, 50×25, 40×25 and 40×20.




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