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    venta-brand-logoIf compromising on functionality is not an option, then the Venta Slate Roofing range is ideal for you. It offers excellent value for money without neglecting aesthetic and functional values.

    This range of roofing slate contains some visible pyrite but will result in an aesthetically pleasing finish, and will give a lifetime of service when fitted in accordance with BS5534.

    All of the roofing slates within the Venta range achieve the highest possible classification when tested to BS EN 12326. As financial factors can be as important as function and aesthetics, the Venta range is a great choice to cover all bases. If you need excellent value slate roofing material that doesn’t compromise on performance, then the Venta Spanish Slate range is for you.

    Venta Spanish slate is ideal for a range of properties, from residential through to commercial, and is suitable for all markets across the UK. With a dark colour and some visible pyrite, it is very easy to grade. Being fully tested to all relevant British and European standards, you can be sure that this roofing slate will perform for many years to come. The slates in the range all include a quarry backed guarantee, giving you full peace of mind.

    For more information on this exceptional range of slate roofing tiles, get in touch with us today.

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