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  • Venta 150 Roofing Slate

    The Venta 150 slate is produced in the Castañeiro region of Northern Spain. The 150 is available in the following sizes: 50×37, 50×25, 45×33, 45×22, 40×37 and 40×25.

    This slate is available in Premium and Standard thin grades, with the 50×25 premium pallets containing around 910 individual slates.


    Data Sheet

    Water absorption W1
    Non carbonate carbon content In accordance <1%
    Mechanical resistance characteristics (MoR) Transversal 49.6N/mm2
    Longitudinal 57.5N/mm2
    Calcium carbonate content Complies <1%
    Dimensional tolerances Complies
    Thermal cycle T1
    Exposure SO2 S1
    External fire performance Deemed to satisfy C
    Reaction to fire Deemed to satisfy C
    Release of dangerous substances None
    Use as roofing or external cladding Yes


    Venta 150 Spanish roofing slate

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