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  • Benefits of Natural Slate from JRC

    Aesthetic Appeal

    The main selling point for natural slate is undoubtedly the attractive look of a well finished slate roof. It can enhance almost any architectural style, from traditional builds & renovations through to cutting edge designs. From linear & uniform styles through to rough & rustic looks, the varying degree of slate types and colours offer a huge range of finishes. Even after many years, slate continues to exude a high quality and distinctive appearance.


    Few roofing materials can match the longevity of a quality slate roof. A slate roof can easily last for more than 100 years, which is double that of other roofing materials. This is a great selling point for those who do not plan to sell their homes.


    The durability of natural slate beats that of man made products easily. As slate is formed over millions of years, it gains properties which cannot be copied with manufacturing methods. This protects it from a range of factors which can adversely affect alternative roofing materials.

    Low Maintenance

    The inert nature of slate means that a good look is easy to maintain and very few things will damage them – short of acts of vandalism! Although the initial installation may take longer than other methods, this cost is absorbed due to the fact that no further work is required once installed.

    Home Value

    Being one of the best materials for roofing – in an aesthetic and practical manner – the choice of slate roofing can greatly add to the value of a home. It is an immediate & intrinsic mark of quality on a building for all to see.

    Fire Resistance

    Slate is completely fire proof, being protected from initial ignition and requiring incredibly high temperatures to even slightly damage them.

    Weather Resistance

    Although not all slates are created equal, slate in general has fantastic weather resistance. This can range from low quality slate products which will last a few decades through to the high quality slates such as those we stock which can outlast the life of a building. Protection from frost, wind, rain and snow is much higher than man made products and natural alternatives.

    Environmentally Friendly

    As slate is a natural product, there are very few processing costs, which in turn reduces the effect on the environment and CO2 creation. Quarrying, sizing and delivery are the only factors which create CO2 and adversely affect the environment. Alternatives such as metal roofing or cement tiles incur these environmental costs as well as the large amount of time and energy required to process and manufacture them. View our carbon information page to see how slate compares to alternative roofing materials.

    Protection from Rot and Insects

    Although slate is a natural product, it is inert, which means that there is nothing for rot or insects to ‘eat’ into. In temperature climates such as the UK, the temperature variation can cause problems for moisture and encourage growth, but this is not an issue with slates.

    Natural Product

    All of the factors above are due to the fact that slate is completely natural. This means a reduction in chemicals and synthetic products which adversely affect the environment, a natural finish and the option of re-using slates.


    Recycled and reclaimed slates offer great functionality and offer environmental advantages due to their re-used nature. They are also great for those looking for a rustic look or for repairs and incomplete roofs.

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