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  • Where do JRC Specialist Slate Suppliers source their slate from?

    We source our natural slates from all around the world including North West Spain, Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria.

    Do your slates come with any guarantees?

    All our slates are covered by a quarry backed guarantee and are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Click here for our Terms and Conditions of Sale 24th August 2023.

    How quickly could you deliver an order?

    We deliver throughout the UK on a 2/3 day or a next day service.

    What different slate sizes are available?

    Slate sizes vary according to the Region/Country that they are sourced from. Traditionally they range from 600mm x 300mm down to 350mm x 250mm. See our slate size chart for more details.

    How do I know which ridge tile I need for my roof?

    Please refer to our ridge guide for selecting the correct clay ridge for your roof.

    What do the different grades of slate mean?

    Please speak to a member of our friendly sales team for a full explanation of all the grades.

    Are there any Health and Safety issues I should be concerned about when handling Natural Slates?

    Please click here for our COSHH sheet on handling Natural Roofing Slates.

    What do the Datasheet statistics mean?

    Please click here for our Datasheet Explanation of the statistics given on the test results of natural roofing slates.

    How do you fix a roofing slate to the roof?

    Please refer to our method statement for advice on fixing natural slate to your roof. We have an in house technical service with dedicated staff who can offer specific advice dependent on your project.

    What criteria must a roofing slate conform to, to achieve T1 status?

    To achieve T1 status a roofing slate must have no change in the structure of the slate and any colour changes will not affect the structure nor forms runs of discoloration. Please refer to our T1 explanation for more details Please also see the S1 explanation and A1 explanation listed seperately.

    What do the CE markings mean on the slate pallets?

    In the UK, the building regulations specify that all pallets must have a CE mark ensuring compliance with EN12326.  Click here for a detailed explanation.

    What is BS5534?

    When working with natural roofing slates, strict standards and procedures must be adhered to ensure compliance with BS5534 and EN12326.  Click here for more information.

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