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  • EN 12326 ensures that all roofing slates sold throughout Europe are tested in the same way, using the same methodology, regardless of their origin. Providing they meet some very basic requirements they qualify for a CE marking which means they can be used for building work within the UK.

    However, the fact that they’ve been tested and have received a CE Marking does not give an indication of their relative quality or likely performance in use – this can be assessed by interpreting the results of the EN 12326 tests.

    This test information has to be provided with the slates and appear on a test certificate.

    Understanding the results – what makes a good slate?

    Providing you understand the significance of the various tests and know what to look for, making a good, considered judgement is relatively straightforward.

    The notes against the test certificate illustrated (overleaf) show what to look for to be able to tell the difference between a ‘great slate’, and a mediocre one and ‘one for the bin’. And if a test certificate isn’t available then it’s best to play safe and reject the slates: apart from not knowing what you’re buying or where from, you may be falling foul of the law by buying slates that haven’t been tested and don’t qualify for a CE Marking.

    Although the format of the test certificate and crate label varies from company to company, the same information should appear as it reports the results of a specific set of tests.

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