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  • Slate Ridge

    Choosing a ridge tile can be a big decision when building or renovating a home; not only do homeowners want their roof to suit the style of their home, it’s also important that the material is durable and stands the test of time.

    Now available in a range of colours, shapes and textures it can often be confusing which ridge tile is best, before you even start to consider the cost.

    Natural slate is the perfect choice for a material that is not only elegant and timeless in appearance, but is also the most durable on the market, often lasting for centuries, outliving the rest of the building.

    Our top of the range Brazilian slate ridges are produced from natural slate and are manufactured in Brazil.
    Due to the nature of the product the ridges maintain the colour and appearance across the lifetime of the roof and compliment slate roofing perfectly.

    Colours – Graphite and Grey Green – both are multi-tonal in appearance (please see the photos)

    Angles – 90o, 105o, 115o & 125o (these are compatible with most roof pitches, however other angles can be made to order)

    Dimensions – 450mm long x 200mm wide

    Weight – 5.5kg each

    Style – capped or plain

    Hip and gable stop ends are available upon request

    Why should you buy natural slate ridges

    JRC's Portarana slate ridge tiles

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