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  • Calidad 20 Roofing Slate

    Calidad 20 Spanish roofing slate is suitable for a wide variety of buildings.

    Calidad 20 Spanish slate has a smooth, slightly textured appearance, with no visible pyrite. This slate, which is blue grey in colour, is very easy to grade and lay on the roof and is sourced directly from the slate quarry.

    The manufacturer of this roofing slate is one of the world’s largest slate producers which ensures increased availability and with more than 1 million slates being sold in the UK it has a proven track record. This slate has a quarry backed guarantee.

    This roofing slate complies with the relevant British and European standards, BS EN 12326 and the test results show that this slate is A1, T1 and S1.



    Data Sheet

    Water absorption W1
    Non carbonate carbon content In accordance <1%
    Mechanical resistance characteristics (MoR) Transversal 47N/mm2
    Longitudinal 53N/mm2
    Calcium carbonate content Complies <1%
    Dimensional tolerances Complies
    Thermal cycle T1
    Exposure SO2 S1
    External fire performance Deemed to satisfy A1
    Reaction to fire Deemed to satisfy A1
    Release of dangerous substances None
    Use as roofing or external cladding Yes


    Calidad 20 Data Sheet

    Calidad 20 Spanish roofing slate

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